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General Information
PCR analysis of short tandem repeat (STR) loci is the most advanced technology currently available for DNA paternity testing. It can conclusively determine parentage and non-parentage. Using this technique, non-parentage can now be stated as 0% and positive parentage can now be reported with a minimum of 10000 CPI = greater than 99.99% (CPI 100 and above is acceptable for court use in the US and Canada; older techniques previously provided an average CPI of 100 to 500). The current technology for DNA testing involves polymerase chain reaction amplification and fluorescence detection of STR loci.

Determination of parentage for child support, child custody, legal proceedings, immigration, insurance claims, Vital Statistics (birth certificates), health conditions, and for personal knowledge.

Age Limit
DNA testing can be performed on patients at any age. Testing can also be performed before birth using chorionic villus samples or amniotic fluid samples.

Attending the Appointment for Legal Testing
Patients must bring valid photo identification to their appointment. Depending on the child's age, identification my not be available, in these cases we will take pictures of the participant to stand in place of the birth certificate. Appointments for sample collection are approximately 15 minutes in duration. Phlebotomists will obtain either a small blood sample or non-invasive buccal swab sample. Chain of custody and identification procedures will be followed during the appointment. Patients will be positively identified, a photograph is taken for verification. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

If your patient does not require the results for legal purposes, they can choose to omit the steps above and order the discreet home collection kit to collect the samples discreetly in the privacy of their own home or complete collection in your office.

Length of Time for Testing
Results are generally available 2 to 5 days after sample collection. This time is expedited for affiliate partners. Tests involving buccal swab samples, chorionic villus and amniotic fluid require an extra 24 hours.

Reporting of Results
All reports will provide the entire genetic profile for each individual tested. An interpretation of the result is provided in the form of a legal document which is recognized by American Association of Blood Banks and validated for court use throughout North America. An additional report with explanation of the results in layman's term will also be provide to the patient. Copies of results will be forwarded to the physician and legal counsel upon request.


Our laboratory, DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC), has international certifications from ACLASS Accreditation Services (ISO/IEC 17025) and ASCLD/LAB, and is accredited by the AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks).

We provide expert advice and support in all aspects of DNA testing, including paternity/maternity/sibling testing, ancestry/ethnicity testing, DNA storage and profiling and forensic defence consultancy.

Our company has a large legal services client base and provides a comprehensive range of services which includes arrangement of sample collection, chain of custody quality assurance, and assistance in the interpretation of results, backed by a dedicated customer support team and overseen by the company’s full time geneticist. The company recently launched a partner and affiliate network trademarked as "The DNA Network". It is designed to empower entities of all kinds. This would include anyone from individuals that want to help answer DNA questions from those in there communities all the way up to some of the nations most successful physicians and attorneys!

Choice DNA Laboratories is the service partner of preference for family and immigration law firms, general practitioners, local authorities, corporate clients and consumers.

Our growing customer base includes:

  • Local Authorities
  • Corporate Clients
  • Health Services
  • Solicitors and Lawyers
  • Physicians
  • Citizens Advice
  • Social Services
  • Consumers

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